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"The occupation of the municipality of Cocalinho occurred more remotely, in comparison with other cores from the southeast region of Mato Grosso 

On April 26, 1928, the state government earmarked by Decree-Law No. 808, an area of 1,800 hectares of vacant land to form the village of Sao Jose do Cocalinho in the municipality of record Araguaya. On April 21, 1932, the municipality of record Araguaya had its name changed to araguayan, which was subordinate to the territory of the village of Sao Jose do Cocalinho.  State Decree No. 368 of 18 May 1934, created in the municipality of araguayan the District of Peace of St. Joseph of Cocalinho. The region took off in the forties, on account of actions undertaken by the Central Brazil Foundation. Law No. 163 of 25 October 1948, allowed it to be created district of San Felix, the dismemberment of the area of St. Joseph of Cocalinho.  Decree No. 1329 of 19 May 1952, reserved area of 3,600 hectares of public land in the municipality of Barra do Herons, to form the heritage of the town of Cocalinho. The council was created on May 13, 1986, by State Law No. 5009, under the name Cocalinho."


off the market for £36,000,000
13,979 hectares

OFFERS OVER £36,000,000.

Although not currently cultivated, the farm's soil is quite favourable for soybean production. And as a side note: the neighbouring farms had high productivity, obtaining 55 bags per hectare in its first year of production. Given this success, they are doubling the soybean planted area now. It is a fertile and good quality land, with part formed in 'Brachiarão' and 'Massai'. There is a corridor connecting the retreat to the headquarters, accessible throughout the year. It consists of a townhouse, gardens with swimming pool and various other improvements. Next to the headquarters there are several houses for the settlers or for the resident staff with canteen and lodgings, and all with running water and electricity.

Landscape type:


Total area: 13,979 hectares With 9,000 hectares in pasture, 6,500 hectares formed by brachiarão, andropogon, humidicula and a small part of massai. Topography: 95% flat and a little wavy part (mountains) and various reliefs. Subdivided into 250 pastures. The water project distributes water, through gravity, throughout the farm. This happens through a large dam that supplies 2 high reservoirs with a capacity of: 1. Reservoir "a": 254,000 liters 2. Reservoir "b": 280,000 liters There are 200 km of water network, 130 drinking fountains, each with a capacity of 12,000 liters. Each drinker provides water for up to four pastures. There are approximately 700 km of flat electrified wire fences, with pasture divisions of around 30 hectares each. Management is rotated across the farm. These electric fences use solar energy. There are also 250 km of conventional fences. Internal fences are conventional, with premium wood and five strands of plain wire. Internal roads provide good access to pastures. Management is rotated across the farm. The ranch serves to accommodate fishing equipment and also as a leisure area.

Improvements developed on the farm:

1.   Reservoir "a": 254,000 liters

2.   Reservoir "b": 280,000 liters

3.   There are 200 km of water network, 130 drinking fountains, each with a capacity of 12,000 liters. Each drinker provides water for up to four pastures.

4.   There are approximately 700 km of flat electrified wire fences

5.   With pasture divisions of around 30 hectares each.

6.   There is also a shed with a mechanical workshop,

7.   There is a diesel fuel tank with an electric fuel pump

8.   An animal feed mixer.

9.   It has a private lake that has 20.08 bushels. In this lake there is also a kiosk with a floating and electrified walkway.

10. Next to the lake there is a good house for surveillance with electricity and running water

11. A fishing ranch made of masonry, in excellent conditions.

12. Airstrip of 1,100 meters

P.S.:Photos displayed herein were supplied from the owners. The equipment in the pictures are merely illustrative, but there is room for negotiation to include them all. We understand that the quality of the photographs are low and that not all of the improvements to be seen are not demonstrated herein. Better photo quality of the farm can be provided under request on the following link

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