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Society Packages 2023-2024 

Society Packages.png

Plans and Pricing 
This is an opportunity to engage with Elm Springs for your own benefits in an open and free society

  • Call for 'Supporting Local Farmers'

    Every month
    • Call for a Private Meeting

      It is time to engage to buy the land
      • Personal Appointment
    • Call A - Silver Membership

      Every year
      Immersive farm programs with 2 learning sessions at any time.
      • Gain two exotic luxurious in a year.
    • Call B - Copper Membership

      Every month
      Specifically for maintenance of the farm production
      • Benefit by receiving freeze-dry or organic food portions
    • Call C - Gold Membership

      Land purchase of 1 acre in the UK, or 1 hectare abroad.
      • By purchasing the land you buy-in its security.
    • Call D - Diamond

      Average price to build the infrastructure of your own standard eco-friendly sustainable house.
      • Infrastructure like walls, flooring etc, not furniture.
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