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Our Properties

There is a variety of farms to choose from within a catalog of many farms for sale, most of them located in Brazil.  Twenty of them are listed here on this website. Much more to be indexed. They may serve a diverse objective, and not all items you'll see on the photos of the land are included in your purchase, however all items on the list, surely are. Feel free to request more information, and ask your questions, if what you need to know is not described, by filling up our quick form below.

The map below would give you an idea of the regional location where most of the farms are situated. For instance, MT (for Mato Grosso) and MS (for Mato Grosso do Sul) are both located in the Central-West region in white. The other three MA (for Maranhao), PI (for Piaui) are in the Northeast region, in yellow, and the one in PR (for Parana) and SC (for Santa Catarina) are both in the South region in light-blue. 



For your reference, below, each region containing specific states (from top to bottom):

NORTH REGION (in green on the map above and in alphabetical order) contains: 

  1. Acre (AC)

  2. Amapá (AP)

  3. Amazonas (AM)

  4. Pará (PA)

  5. Rondônia (RO)

  6. Roraima (RR)

  7. Tocantins (TO)

NORTHERN REGION (in yellow on the map above and in alphabetical order) contains: 

  1. Alagoas (AL)

  2. Bahia (BA)

  3. Ceará (CE)

  4. Maranhão (MA)

  5. Paraíba (PB)

  6. Pernambuco (PE)

  7. Piauí (PI)

  8. Sergipe (SE)

CENTRAL WEST REGION (in white on the map above and in alphabetical order) contains: 

  1. Goiás (GO)

  2. Mato Grosso (MT)

  3. Mato Grosso do Sul (MS)

SOUTHEAST REGION (in dark blue on the map above and in alphabetical order) contains: 

  1. Espírito Santo (ES)

  2. Minas Gerais (MG)

  3. Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

  4. São Paulo (SP)


SOUTH REGION (in light blue on the map above and in alphabetical order) contains: 

  1. Paraná (PR)

  2. Santa Catarina (SC)

  3. Rio Grande do Sul (RS)

For your reference, below, there are the names of the 27 States of Brazil and its acronyms, in alphabetical order:


  1. Acre (AC)

  2. Alagoas (AL)

  3. Amapá (AP)

  4. Amazonas (AM)

  5. Bahia (BA)

  6. Ceará (CE)

  7. Distrito Federal (DF)

  8. Espírito Santo (ES)

  9. Goiás (GO)

  10. Maranhão (MA)

  11. Mato Grosso (MT)

  12. Mato Grosso do Sul (MS)

  13. Minas Gerais (MG)

  14. Pará (PA)

  15. Paraíba (PB)

  16. Paraná (PR)

  17. Pernambuco (PE)

  18. Piauí (PI)

  19. Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

  20. Rio Grande do Norte (RN)

  21. Rio Grande do Sul (RS)

  22. Rondônia (RO)

  23. Roraima (RR)

  24. Santa Catarina (SC)

  25. São Paulo (SP)

  26. Sergipe (SE)

  27. Tocantins (TO)

More Info

Index of the Farms and their Locations on the Map
(map herein is not interactive)

You might ask yourself why the land seems to be so expensive, if you are not used to talk in millions, and if you do, you would still place the same argument. The value of the land is based on its size and its various benefits. They are all geographically located in places where the weather is tropically suitable and convenient to grow crops and live harmoniously in the land with rich surrounding nature.  The soil is fertile, the weather contributes for any development you may build on the land.There is also a few restrictions but not as much to scare you away. Anything you wish for is widely available. What more to ask for? 

Below, we display a summary of all the farms we have in our immediate portfolio. We can arrange visits and special visa, if so required. We also provide a guide to accompany you in your visits. Properties can be purchased with the objectives of colonisation or investments. All options are fully negotiable. We also offer full support to prepare all necessary paperwork as well as the legalisations of all documents and land registration in your name, for whichever options you may choose. 

Farms locations.png
Latin America

£  33M

£  85M



£  27M

£  36M



£  73M

£  36M

£  40M

£  49M


£  97M

£  48M





£  57M 

£ -

17,500 Ha

15,577 Ha

12,459 Ha

35,800 Ha

10,855 Ha

13,979 Ha

39,000 Ha


21,000 Ha

  7,416 Ha

17,500 Ha

    137. Ha

    141. Ha

10,136 Ha

46,623 Ha

29,400 Ha

18,567 Ha

12,000 Ha

44,000 Ha

20,303 Ha

59,532 Ha

Special and Unique Opportunity for Expat Colonisers
with exceptional offers to be discussed only at Elm Springs Headquarters

Morretes, PR

MORRETES, PR Serra do Mar 141 hectares for £6,540,000.


QUIRIRI, PR 59,532 hectares for £-.

Special and Unique Opportunity for Investors
build your resort in Itapoa (incl. 3,500 km private beach and extensive inland forest)


CURITIBA, PR SANTA FELICIDADE 4.4 hectares for £972,000


ITAPOA, SC 137.30 hectares for £49,000,000.

Great Opportunity for Farmers

Jucarama Farm

AGUA BOA, MT JUCARAMA FARM 17,500 hectares for £33,000,000.

Baixa Grande do Ribeiro, PI

BAIXA GRANDE DO RIBEIRO, PI 15,577 hectares for £85,000,000.

Balsas, MA

BALSAS, MA 12,459 hectares for £145,000,000.

Cocalinho, MT

COCALINHO, MT 13,979 hectares for £36,000,000.

Brasnorte - Gimateer III

BRASNORTE, MT GIMATEER III FARM 10,855 hectares for £27,000,000.

Brasnorte, MT

BRASNORTE, MT (Campo Novo do Parecis, MT) AGRITER FARM 35,800 hectares for £360,000,000.

Confresa, MT

CONFRESA, MT 39,000 hectares for £114,000,000.

Diamantino, MT

DIAMANTINO, MT 21,000 hectares for £73,000,000.

Figueirao, MS

FIGUEIRAO, MS 7,416 hectares for £36,000,000.

Gaucha do Norte, MT

GAUCHA DO NORTE, MT PARANATINGA FARM 17,500 hectares for £40,000,000.

Nova Andradina, MS

NOVA ANDRADINA, MS 10,136 hectares for £97,000,000.

Paragominas, PA

PARAGOMINAS, PA 46,623 hectares for £48,000,000.

Paranatinga, MT

PARANATINGA, MT 29,400 hectares for £156,000,000.

Porto dos Gauchos, MT

PORTO DOS GAUCHOS, MT 18,567 hectares for £155,000,000.

Rio Brilhante, MS

RIO BRILHANTE, MS 12,000 hectares for £216,000,000.

Tangara da Serra, MT

TANGARA DA SERRA, MT 44,000 hectares for £125,000,000.

Vila Rica, MT

VILA RICA, MT 20,303 hectares for £57,000,000.

Important Note


As seen from above, you can have a brief idea of what is in store. You'll see two to three lines, where on the top you can find the jurisdiction of the farm, which is the name of the city boundaries where the farm is located, followed by the acronym of the name of the State. Below that you can either get other details of its location, or its size and initial value. In each of the squares above, you can click on it to be redirected to the page with more information on the farm and more photos to check on.

It could take approximately 40 days to complete all formalities on documents registration and visa. And it is up to the buyer to cover for 7% of the legal fees.

If you wish to get more information that we did not disclose, please do not hesitate to fill the form below.

However, if you are a farmer and understand and like what you see, and wish to place a bid, please fill your letter of intentions and we awill act upon immediately.

Request payment conditions or more information

Please feel free to ask for more information or for a call back, wherever you are in the world. Our main language is English, but please feel free to request service in whatever language you know best.

Thanks for submitting!

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