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Connecting with nature through outdoor activities is a great way of getting to know new people and making new friends, as well as

strengthening existing friendships,

and giving the body the opportunity

to stretch the muscles and make

you feel alive. 

We have regular activities taking place all over the United Kingdom, with its many areas of natural beauty, offering mountains, lakes and valleys to explore.

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The idea of living in a rural area is appealing, because it draws you closer to nature on a day-to-day basis. We are aware that some people are unable to transition at a short-notice in pioneering on a community farm for a permanent term, but they can still contribute by offering their skills as and when they can.  It is a new way of building a new future. Below ,we exhibit one photo of a container house as an option to living on a low budget, within the constraints of local planning permission. 

We welcome you to join us!

We are just beginning our main project on land development, but there are many other innovative projects that will

revolutionise everything, including how we use our energy resources, and so much more. The greenhouse hydroponic system is just one of the prototypes we are implementing. We plan to expand in all areas. Having our own energy supply is one of them. There is a vast field of new discoveries we can develop together. 

We believe it is possible to start a sustainable community in modern times, even though it is a challenging prospect. We invite you to contribute to this idea, by choosing a your area of your interest.





More photos to be added as we go about. Stay tuned!

Outdoor Activities

We invite you to explore nature, joining us on our outdoor sports

modalities, in the beautiful British landscapes. 

Invite your friends to come along. 


Bring your own equipment.

Sports we practice in groups:

  1. Climbing

  2. Fishing

  3. Jogging

  4. Kayaking

  5. Hiking

  6. Mass Meditating

  7. Rambling

  8. Roaming

  9. Swimming

  10. Surfing

  11. Yoga




The houses above are mere examples.
Depending on the plot and space you wish to build on,
there are different criteria to follow,
and an architect to help you design your own.

Off-Grid Homes

Living off the grid isn't restricted to rural or remote areas, and though it requires special building attention, it is mostly relevant to find out of how much energy you and your family use, so you can generate energy for your specific needs, being truly self-sufficient – generating your own power from the earth’s natural resources, normally solar or wind, or zero-point energy. In todays' world living off the grid does not necessarily mean going back to the stone-age. We are moving forward and there are a variety of options even under the red tape to build your dream, and why not! Here we’re looking at off grid living where you can still get your organic food and live healthier in general. but where you can live off the main power grid by generating your own power from the earth’s natural resources, normally solar or wind, or zero-point energy.

  1. Huts

  2. Shipping containers

  3. Tiny homes

  4. Cabins

  5. Geodesic domes 

  6. Yurts




Your skills will determine the harmonious
balance of your contribution in the society. 

Other projects

We welcome projects related to the list of topics below.  It seems like a long list, and a big task, but it is not really. Feel free to add more to the list. If you have any ideas of your own, we will be more than happy to assist you to bring them to fruition. You, as the potential expert, will be in the frontline and you will have a whole team to support you through the process to accomplish your goals. Yes, this is what a society is all about. We can start building a foundation and grow at whatever pace we dare to achieve. With a friendly and harmonious approach we can move mountains. 

  1. Agriculture/Farming

  2. Children Safety

  3. Cleaners & Waste Management

  4. Clothing & Household

  5. Communications

  6. Construction

  7. Coping Therapies & Relaxation

  8. Cosmology

  9. Ecology

  10. Economics & Income (Accountants and Lawyers)

  11. Education, Home Schooling & Skill Teaching

  12. Energy Creation & Heating

  13. Engineering

  14. Ethics & Motivation

  15. First Aid / Medics / Dental / Vets

  16. Food Growing & Gardening

  17. Food Preparation & Cooking

  18. Forestry & Foraging

  19. Home Schooling & Skill Teaching

  20. Long-Term Storage

  21. Machinery & Tools

  22. Medicinal Health

  23. Physical Training

  24. Recreation & Entertainment

  25. Research

  26. Security & Vetting

  27. Water Supply & Sewerage 

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