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Atlantic Forest Sea Ridge
by a Mountain Range
1,500 km long

This conservational area has a particular space for sale with beautiful nature at your doorstep:

  • It is a 1,500 km long system of mountain ranges and escarpments in Southeastern Brazil, runs parallel to the Atlantic Ocean coast from the state of Espírito Santo to southern Santa Catarina, passing through the State of Parana, where the property is situated. 

  • Plenty of rivers, streams, and cascades (water falls) with alkaline water ready to drink,

  • mangrove, fish nursery, and crabs,

  • fauna, with rare specimens, monkeys, tapirs, jaguars, rare micro yellow frogs scientifically named Crispus (popularly called 'pinch of gold') and it's of the size of a thumbnail, also rare birds that change colours, like the Scarlet Ibis, on the left, 

  • The main escarpment forms the boundary between the sea-level coast and the inland plateau, which has an altitude of 500 to 1,300 metres (1,600 to 4,300 ft). This escarpment is part of the Great Escarpment that runs along much of the eastern coast of Brazil to the south.

  • one of the largest conservational areas with the greatest treasures,

  • ​a hotel integrated to the forest, within the Atlantic Forest Mountain Range,

  • no hurricanes or earthquakes in the region, 

  • In general, a very it's a safe-zone for 'global warming' scenario,

  • its soil ready for sowing, pure and full of nutrients, 

  • fauna, with rare specimens, and the flora in abundance with a forest dotted with all sort of flowers,

  • rivers and cascades, water fall with alkaline water ready to drink

  • peace and security 

at the Sea Ridge

(location defined in Parana)
off the market for a Special Land - Special Offer £2,802 per acre for very Special People.
OFFERS OVER FROM £-,000,000.
The Hotel may, if you wish, be included in this sale. Prices would be reconsidered.


A small area within the Atlantic Mountain Range is for sale, either way it can be a living for rights-concession for a unique price as above referred to off-grid awakening people who love nature and will know how to live in nature without destroying it, on the contrary, will know well how to preserve it. It is absolutely an amazing and very unique opportunity.


There is also a hotel in the vicinity and inside the forest area. 

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