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There are two types of memberships:
(in both cases it is required to fill the form below)

Membership is free and offers a few benefits to those who become members

Membership Benefits
  • Access to specificities of advanced projects;

  • Access to General Meetings

  • 24/7 technical assistance in any emergency

  • A rescue team for solving any personal problem

  • Invitation to all outdoor activities

  • The right to vote and have a say

  • Experience love and unity among unfamiliar faces

  • Free training in all professional areas, when available

  • Security measures

  • Open communication from whichever location you are residing


Please, send us an email if you wish to know more. Click here.

Premium Advantages
  • Become a beneficiary* member of the Trust

  • Receive a Certificate of Ownership of a specific part of a farm land

  • May receive regular income and capital gains

  • Become a free living-tenant on the farm

  • Have unprecedented safety

  • Secure the right for privacy

  • Be part of a fraternity community

  • Learn ethics and high standard principles

  • All normal Membership Benefits on the top.


In order to become a Beneficiary there is an initial cost for the share of each half an acre. Please, call us if you wish to know the details.


Please, fill your contact details below: 
(After you submit it, we receive it immediately, and file it accordingly.)
It is important that you fill this form with accuracy.
All your data is kept in strict confidentiality.
You will receive an email immediately after you submit. In the bottom of that email you will find an invitation to download the Spaces app. It is so, because we do not have our own app yet. We apologise for this inconvenience. We can inform, however, that the Spaces app serves us all very well. Please do so! It will give you access to the members' area, so you may interact with all members online and you will have access to "only members" pages on the website, and it is also  a great opportunity to exchange ideas and take part of any specific Groups of Professionals to develop new projects, projects of your own choice too, where you can exercise your creativity, and leadership. 

If you have any doubt or wish to clarify them, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will be happy to answer all your questions.
 Click here to view all available projects. you can get involved with.

* Options to choose from:

  1. Animal Welfare and Rights

  2. Children Safety

  3. Construction

  4. Extracurricular Education 

  5. Environmental Conservation and Restoration

  6. Family Support

  7. Food Solutions (incl. planting/prepping/storing)

  8. Health and Wellness

Thanks for submitting your form! We will be in touch shortly!

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